Netherlands Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus

New passports and ID cards for adults valid for 10 years

As of 9 March 2014, new passports and identity cards for adults will be valid for 10 years. Documents for minors under the age of 18 will remain valid for five years, as before. The new fees for travel documents and ID cards will take effect on the same date.

What are the new fees?

The new fees have been set at a level that will cover costs. An adult passport applied for abroad costs €131.11. Dutch citizens who live abroad can also apply for travel documents at a number of municipalities in the Netherlands. The fees there are lower than at Dutch missions abroad. At these municipalities an adult passport for non-residents costs €101.75.

Why will passports and ID cards issued abroad by Dutch missions be more expensive as of 9 March 2014?

The price of travel documents will rise to a level that will cover costs. Previously, this service was heavily subsidised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is no longer possible owing to recent budget cuts. For this reason the foreign ministry has decided to raise the fees for travel documents and ID cards.

Why will travel documents cost more as of 9 March if applied for at Dutch missions abroad as opposed to Dutch municipalities?

The cost of this particular service, when provided by our global network of missions, is higher, per travel document, than the cost when provided by municipalities. This has to do with economies of scale: municipalities issue far more travel documents, on average, than our missions abroad. The amount invested by the foreign ministry to make this service available at missions is disproportionately high, considering the relatively few passports issued per mission. The fees charged by Dutch municipalities are also intended to cover costs, but since the per-passport costs incurred by the municipalities are lower on average, the price paid by applicants is also lower.

What is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs doing to help Dutch citizens who live abroad and need a passport?

The validity of adult passports and ID cards is being increased from five to 10 years. Travel documents will now be valid for twice as long. Dutch nationals who live abroad (‘non-residents’), can also apply for travel documents in the following municipalities: Bergen op Zoom, Echt-Susteren, Enschede, Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol), The Hague, Maastricht, Montferland and Oldambt. The fees for travel documents cover the costs incurred and are lower than those at Dutch missions abroad.

Under the new rules, why will passports for minors under the age of 18, which are valid for five years, cost practically the same as travel documents for adults, which are valid for 10 years?

The costs of processing an application for a travel document for minors under the age of 18 are the same as those for an adult travel document. The only costs not passed on to minor applicants are those specifically associated with producing a 10-year passport.