Netherlands Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus

Kingdom of the Netherlands - United Nations Security Council Candidate

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a longstanding commitment to the UN. We strongly believe in our partnership for peace, justice and development with the UN and its Member States. We work with our partners towards a better common future. By seeking election to the UN Security Council for the 2017-2018 period, we aim to make an even bigger contribution to building a more secure, just and prosperous world.

The UN is the destination of choice for all those who want a better world. We support a strong UN and we believe the UN is best served by inclusive and transparent decision-making by its Security Council.

"We are ready to serve on the UN Security Council and join in working for peace, justice and development, in partnership with you." 

- Foreign Minister Bert Koenders

Please visit our externe link: Campaign Website and find out more about our work at the UN and Security Council.