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Airport transit visa

An airport transit visa (type A) is for transiting through the international transit areas of airports in the Schengen Area, but not for entering the territory of a Schengen state.

Whether you require a Schengen airport transit visa depends on your nationality.

Travelers, even though they have a visa required nationality, are exempt from having an airport transit visa for transit if they:

  • Hold a valid visa or residence permit issued by a Schengen state.
  • Hold a visa valid for a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Canada, Japan or the United States.
  • Hold a valid residence permit issued by a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  • Hold a residence permit issued by the Principality of Andorra, Canada, Japan, the Republic of San Marino, or the United States, that guarantees unrestricted right of return.
  • Are a family member of a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • Hold a diplomatic passport.
  • Are  on-duty  aircrew and a national of a country that is a party to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

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